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SUPERCOCOS corals are moved to their new reef, the BMP!

#SUPERCOCO will be happy when everyone visits the over one-acre park by scuba diving.


When the coral samples reach the desired size, they are attached to the BLUE MARK PARK (BMP) by our experts. ​The new reef will consist of different species arranged in the shape of a fingerprint that will become a park to be visited by the public. Collectors can follow the growth of their coral by using photos, videos, and coordinates from Google Maps.

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Coral Reef Art Park


After 9 months to 1 year, when the samples reach the desired size they are removed from the BLUE MARK LABYRINTH and are attached to the BMP by our team of divers. ​


New Reef with Ecological Art


BLUE MARK PARK creates homes for sea life as artificial reefs. From tourism to marine recreation, BLUE MARK PARK plays an important role in local economies. They’re also essential to the health of the ocean, providing habitat for a variety of marine life and increasing coastal resilience to storms. Additionally BLUE MARK PARK provides an opportunity to educate, by creating awareness and encouraging commitment to protect the oceans making it a top diving destination.

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What are the BMP reef benefits?

BLUE MARK PARK reef benefits include:

  • Habitat: Will provide a home for over 1 million different marine species.

  • Income: Not only do coral reefs support life, they also support the economy with a value of roughly $2.7 trillion every year. 

  • Coastal protection: Coral reefs act as natural breakwater, thereby limiting shoreline erosion of beaches and coastlines. This protection saves roughly $9 billion in damages every year. 

  • Medicine: Coral reefs also provide medicinal benefits, as they have pharmaceutical compounds that can be used to treat human illness. 

(Information provided by International Year of the Reef [IYOR]) (14).gif

Be a Coral Reef Founder!


You can leave your Blue Mark on the Ocean.

A living legacy for future generations.

Be ready to dive!

*Each year 10 BLUE ELITE Members will be invited to travel to our BMP with all expenses paid! Join our BLUE ELITE and BE PART!

Enjoy the BLUE MARK PARK  from your home! 


On our BLUE MARK PARK virtual tour, you'll be surrounded by unique fish and coral reefs. You will learn about how to protect our oceans from the effects of climate change and pollution, by taking a virtual dive into the ocean. - 2022-03-03T202105.867.png


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