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20,000 baby corals per year will be grown in a unique marine labyrinth that everyone can enjoy by scuba diving

Small specimens of coral are collected from a healthy “donor coral” under our experts' supervision. After collection, the samples are placed on the art installation "BLUE MARK LABYRINTH by AB" to let them grow for 9-12 months.

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The corals are collected and cut into mother colonies and coral fragments, approximately 2-4 inches in length.
Mother colonies are source colonies for future tree propagation.
The mother colonies and coral fragments are attached to the coral tree frames.

The coral tree frames accelerate the growth of the corals, which are checked every 7-10 days to ensure there are no signs of disease. The coral tree frames are cleaned, and the corals are regularly measured.
After 9-12 months of growth, the fragments are attached to BMP.

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The coral tree frames are then re-stocked with coral fragments cut from the mother colonies. We can potentially create thousands of new and hardier corals from a tiny cutting to embellish our BMP reef!

These corals will regrow, and the process will become a continuous cycle allowing thousands of new corals to be created from the initial coral cutting to be attached to BMP.

Interactive Art Installation


The "BLUE MARK LABYRINTH by AB" is an underwater art installation used to grow corals. This interactive art installation with 200 coral trees frames will house the small pieces of corals, creating a unique marine labyrinth so everyone can enjoy diving.

BLUE MARK virtual Ocean

Enjoy the Ocean from your own home.

Every week, you can join our BML dive team to care for our corals in real-time and in a truly immersive virtual reality experience.
Meet the amazing fish, corals, and sharks that live on our reef. Get a glimpse of the diverse marine life that calls this underwater haven their home.


Soon you will be able to see the virtual version of the BML on our website and in the Metaverse. 

With the 200 coral trees growing our corals!

BML: First CORAL NURSERY in the Metaverse!

We will be the first to breed corals in the metaverse.

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