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the first
nft environmental art project

with a meaningful community 

that makes a real-world impact




Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable Oceanic future and revive corals with our carbon-neutral #SUPERCOCO-NFTs by creating a living legacy for future generations: the BLUE MARK PARK REEF.  This is a unique underwater educative tourist attraction for coral restoration and conservation, where 20,000 NFTs will come to life as real corals to create a new coral reef in the Ocean and in the metaverse.

Welcome to #SUPERCOCO The Ocean Hero's BLUE MARK PARK!

A revolutionary idea:

NFTs come to life as physical corals


How NFTs become Corals?

20K generative #SUPERCOCO NFTs living on Solana Blockchain will be represented as corals growing in the Ocean.

Our team of scientists and coral experts will “farming” and “outplanting” colonies of corals. By hanging 20,000 finger-sized fragments of corals to grow on Coral trees (PVC pipe frames) in the BLUE MARK LABYRINTH (BML): an underwater Art installation with 200 coral tree frames re-stocked to raise 20,000 young corals every year.

The corals -weekly monitored- are large enough to be outplanted in just 9 to 12 months in our new coral reef park the BLUE MARK PARK (BMP). This 1-acre park, shaped like a fingerprint, serves as a new home for corals -with 1 million marine creatures that flourish alongside them and will be open to the public enjoyment by snorkeling or scuba diving.


The Ocean lost 50% of its corals in the last 30 years.

Coco was one of these young corals who died with all his family. His spirit wants to come back to protect the Ocean and his species.

Now he is an Ocean Superhero with a 5 GOAL PLAN:

In Phase 1 SUPERCOCO SUPERCOCO sought out 10 brave corals who died from bleaching to join forces and spread the "#SC10 COMMANDMENTS  3D CARDS to protect the Ocean

Maria, Ava, John, Aleki, Akio, Eka, Olivier, Ini, Aaron, and Noha are ready for this first mission! Will you join them?

In phase 2,  #SUPERCOCO will create a  #SC-LEGION of coral spirits in 20,000 AR-NFTs to be materialized as 20,000 new baby corals! 


They're ready to fight to save their species from extinction by 2050.

In phase 3,  #SUPERCOCO’S LEGION will grow in the BLUE MARK LABYRINTH  for 9–12 months. 

In phase 4, after the corals are all grown up and strong will move into their new reef home, the BLUE MARK PARK ) to be visited by their human friends. 

In phase 5, SUPERCOCO lives HAPPILY EVER AFTER #SC HEA!  in the Ocean and in the Metaverse. The actual corals will be immortalized as the first coral reef to raise awareness in the Metaverse!


Meet #SUPERCOCO our Ocean Hero!


Let's harness the power of NFTs to protect the Ocean!

SUPERCOCO's NFT is an opportunity for those who want to help protect the ocean!

By collecting a #SUPERCOCO-NFT, not only you become an Ocean guardian but one of the  BLUE MARK PARK (BMP) REEF FOUNDER !

Join the BLUE ELITE new generation of Ocean protectors and be part of the first Ocean community in the Metaverse! 

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